Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mikan had another episode today. He needed to be bagged and they even did some chest compressions because his heart rate dropped into the 30's. Apparently, his trach tube was displaced from his trachea and found another opening in his stoma. So, he desat and they tried bagging him but this did not work. Therefore, they changed the trach tube. Upon changing the trach tube, Mikan was once again ventilated, his color came back and he was back to normal. One of the nurses that was there told us, "It looks like he had a little meeting with angels and then decided to come back." Not a real reassuring comment. I wish Jenna could spend all of her time at the hospital.

Anchor Home Health called today. They decided to let us know that they did not have staffing for Mikan any longer. It feels like one of those situations where the employee is about to be fired so they quit.

Today was the first day for New Prairie. A little early I think. The students were good. I am sure they will continue to to be this way.

One interesting observation. Mikan was released from the hospital on the last day of St. Adalbert summer school (where I was the principal). He was then readmitted to the hospital the day before school started in the fall at New Prairie.


Aunt Deb said...

How frightening that had to be. It is a good thing he was at the hospital when it happened. So, did you change schools this year (New Prairie-Catholic school)? I say "good riddance" to Anchor!!

jkhenson said...

You all are in our prayers. Hope things take an upturn, again! :)

Angela Saoud said...

Kartje-Gensic, Gensic, and baby Gensic,

Just know you're on my mind constantly, and if you need absolutely anything, I'm here for you. When/if you're up for company, let me know. Tell Mikan he really needs to wait for Halloween if he plans on scaring people. We'll teach him how to jump out of bushes and scare the other kids. :)


Joshua said...

Dear John and Jenna,

The three of you are in our thoughts and prayers every day. We think you are so brave. You are both wonderful parents. Mikan may not ever realize the magnitude of how blessed he is to have parents as wonderful as you, but all your friends and family know. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.

Tina & Josh