Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We were able to get away from the hospital for awhile to attend the baptism of Tia, Liam, and Alek, and see some other family as well. We participated in the traditional boxball tournament in the church parking lot. Mikan had a pretty decent day; he is still not eating well, but he seems to be tolerating his lower dose of steroids, which is encouraging. His NICU girlfriend has been in the hosptial the last few days as well (the one from his date pictures back in late June/early July). She had an upper respiratory infection and was staying on the same floor, so we caught up with her parents.

We are still hoping for a discharge within the next week. If we can get nurses for Mon/Tues, we will try to discharge on Sunday; however, the doctor wants to see more nurses. This could take forever though, so we might try to get discharged and then just add nurses to our schedule as soon as they free up (if the doctor will agree to that).

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Aunt Deb said...

Great news on the lowering of steroids, do the doctors have any ideas on why he isn't eating well?
I hope the nursing situation gets sorted out so you can get back home.