Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back in the hospital again.

So we're back in the hospital. Last night at 2:43 am Jenna and I were awakened to the sound of our night nurse yelling our names. We ran into the living room to see Mikan's face blueberry colored. Therefore, I started to give him breaths with the bag while the nurse ran to turn up the oxygen flow. Then the nurse ran back into the living room to bag him while I called 911. After bagging him for a little bit his face regained the appropriate color and he started breathing again after having passed out. The New Carlisle Fire Department came quickly and stayed until the paramedics from Northwest South Bend arrived. By the time the paramedics arrived, Mikan was breathing somewhat normally, but was requiring about triple the amount of oxygen he did prior to the incident. Therefore, Mikan and Jenna rode in the ambulance to Memorial Hospital. I followed shortly after with some of our stuff.

We do not know exactly what happened. The nurse does not know either. Without knowing the cause we are a little worried. Also, apparently the monitors did not alarm before or during the situation, except when I removed the circuit to bag him. With all of this uncertainty, we are concerned.

Currently, Mikan has returned to his pre-incident baseline. His feedings are not going well. He may get a g-tube before we return home. They did a lung x-ray and it showed no signs of pneumonia but signs of hyperextension. Therefore, the intensivist actually weaned Mikan's pressure from 45 to 35. This will help prevent some of the lung damage associated with being ventilated. Mikan appears to be doing well with the new pressures.

We hope this is an opportunity to change our home nursing situation. We will talk with a social worker tomorrow about exploring options. We understand this may keep us back in the hospital for awhile. We feel the following are the best places for Mikan to be...(in order)
1.) At home with adequate home nursing support.
2.) At the hospital.
3.) At home with inadequate home nursing support.

Because number one isn't an option currently, we'll be in the hospital until it is the option.

Finally, Jenna, Nikole, Cousin Ben, Connor, and I were going to go to Lake Michigan today as an end of summer fling. Apparently, Mikan knew the waves were going to be too (4-7 feet) big for Connor to handle, so Mikan did all he could to save Connor. Connor, your welcome.


Life in the Bend said...

I am so sorry you went through this. Your entire family will be in my prayers.

Faith said...

I am very sorry to hear about your set back. Could it have been a plug? The same thing has happened to Faith before- there was no explanation except for a mucus plug in her lungs. You guys are in our prayers.

Mary said...

Hey guys,

I keep trying to add a comment and I think I am doing it goes another shot. I just wanted to let you know we are praying for you extra hard today, as you go back to the hospital. As I was reading the part about you two "bagging" Mikan to help him breathe, I was struck by how much you know and what good care-takers you are for the little guy. Sending our love,