Thursday, July 31, 2008

We recieved a phone called at about 8 pm on Wednesday night that our nurse would not be able to make it to New Carlisle tonight so that they were looking for a replacement. No replacement was found, therefore Jenna and I are on our own for another night.

Diary of Home Nursing after one week:
July 23rd-day Mikan goes home, all staffing taken care of.
July 24th-all staffing taken care of
July 25th-all staffing taken care of
July 26th-Night nurse calls in sick, no replacement found.
July 27th-all staffing taken care of
July 28th-No night nurse was even scheduled. Therefore we had many phone conversations during the day with the nursing company. One phone call included a conference call with the owner of the home nursing company. Result: 11 pm-12:30 am ventilator training training session of the night nurse at our house, in Mikan's room, where we keep the spare vent.
July 29th-Night nurse scheduled, but not yet trained on the ventilator. Therefore, 11 pm to 12 am training session at our home in Mikan's room, where we keep the spare vent.
July 30th-Night nurse calls off for an emergency at around 8 pm, no replacement found, therefore I am posting this at 12:44 am.

We are certainly happy to be home. We are not happy with the home care company. We get to do something about it (call appropriate agencies with oversight in these matters)
Is it okay for me to mention the company's name online? I think it is but Jenna advised against it.
Is this common for home nursing?


Aunt Deb said...

Yes, and yes! It is common but totally not acceptable. I would remind them that since they are contracted thru your insurance company, if ANYTHING happens to Mikan, because they weren't there, they will be held accountable and that you will be calling your insurance company to report the incidents. I would also call the hospital and report the agency. If they get enough reports, they will stop working with them and referring to them.

John Gensic said...

We have contacted the hospital about Anchor Home Health Services. Thank you for the suggestion to contact our insurance company. I will make that phone call Friday morning.

RN Sally said...

Sorry to hear about homecare. Call me if I can help. I miss you guys!

Rachel Marini said...

YES! IT is all too common. My son Gabe (just turning 2) is on a vent and we've been home for 1 year --- and it is not his care that is the most challenging - it is dealing with the headache of nursing agencies and medical supply companies! Email me if you ever want to swap horror stories :)
Rachel Marini
(Gabe's blog is at