Saturday, July 5, 2008


So we think Mikan will be going home next Monday the 14th of July. He is getting better with feedings, but his respiratory health is more stabilized than improving. However he is continuing to grow which is apparently good.
We are caught in a conundrum. We want Mikan's body to grow because this in turn means his lungs are growing larger. But, with growth comes a larger body that requires more oxygen to respire properly. So, we want his lungs to grow faster than the rest of his body.
A huge thanks goes to Pete, Sarah, Tia, Liam and Alec. They all came to visit last Friday. This was our first opportunity for us to see Alec. Pete also helped put the laminate flooring down in the room where Mikan will be spending most of his time (we pulled out the carpet to reduce the risk of respiratory stress on Mikan. Sarah also helped by reading the directions and making the operation work more efficiently.

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awesome aunt annette said...

(Uncle) John your newest nephew spells his name ALEK!! K not C. Just thought you should know.