Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update-Jenna is awesome

So the earliest we will go home is on Tuesday of next week. Mikan is on at least a five day antibiotic dose. He really looks pretty good. A little secretious, but overall he acted like himself tonight.

Let me brag on Jenna for a little bit...
1.) She has pumped faithfully since March 5, keeping her supply up even after doctors told her that she will never be able to solely breastfeed because Mikan requires fluid restriction.
2.) She puts up with my outfits at the hospital, which some might consider a public place.
3.) Today we were at home for a little while when Jenna opened the deep freeze to get some ice cream. Lo and behold, the freezer light didn't come on. Jenna actually stayed calm and we realized that there was only an issue with the outlet and not the freezer. So we hooked up an extension cord and plugged the freezer in across the room. Hopefully just a circuit issue put we didn't feel like we had time to try and figure it out. Jenna kept her composure even with 4.5 months supply of frozen breastmilk on the line.
4.) It's her birthday on Saturday and her baby is still in the hospital. I don't think she is crazy...yet.
5.) Have you ever seen her change a trach in an emergency situation? I have, and it's pretty hot.
6.) I don't know of anyone else that is capable of putting up with me. I like to pose for hospital security cameras.
7.) She can still laugh. Story: I like to leave Mikan some breathing room for his penis after changing his diaper. Today, our doctor came in during one of these moments and noticed a discoloration on Mikan's scrotum. The doctor decided to have an ultrasound done to see if Mikan had the proper flow of blood to this area (kind of important on the Grandchild front). So, as Jenna and I walk out of the NICU I decide to shout to her

"Good thing I left his penis exposed!"

thinking I was only talking to Jenna. Little did I know a grandmother and her grandson were sitting within earshot in the NICU lobby. I shouted this and then saw their eyes staring at me. At this point, Jenna and I burst out laughing as we went to the Ronald house for dinner.
8.) One day Jenna wore her hair down at the NICU. At this sight, some of the nurses commented to her, "You really are perfect."
9.) She wins all McCoy coloring contests.
10.) I know I couldn't hang out at the hospital as well as she has for the past 4.5 months.
11.) She is really good at locking in laminate flooring.


Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

We would like to share why we think Jenna is awesome too!
Maggie says Jenna is awesome at telling her stories like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Emily's Rose. She will be prepared for her High School Lit class. Maggie also thinks she is very nice and pretty. Jack says Jenna is awesome because she lets him get sugar snap peas for her and she likes spongebob, just like he does. Maria says Jenna is awesome because she tells a good story and she lets us sit by her all the time and she is very nice.
Maria also says Jenna is an awesome Mom for Mikan. Connor says that he likes to play boxball (four square) with her and she is nice.
So there you have it, Jenna is really awesome!!!!

awesome aunt annette said...

I would also like to add a few reasons why Jenna is awesome.
1)She can hold her alcohol "really well," always with hiliarous consequences (Manistee 07 comes to mind)
2) She was a good pregnancy buddy
3) She gave me another Nephew to spoil.
We love you Jenna!

Anonymous said...

I would like to share with all of your family & friends why Jenna is truly AWESOME.

A--Always there for Mikan, thru thick and thin, thru good and bad, thru fun and no-so-fun.

W--Witty. Story: When it was decided that Mikan would need a trach: Dr Agostino the ENT doctor met with Jenna. Jenna had her list & asked all the appropriate questions; her very last question with all the seriousness in the world on her face was "so, on a scale of 1 to 10; how cute do you think Mikan is?" Of course, he is off the scale when it comes to cuteness!

E--Extraordinary. In my 13 years as a NICU nurse, I have never met a woman quite like Jenna. While all our parents are unique in their own ways, Jenna really touched me - she is never afraid to participate in Mikan's care; she asked question after question; (which kept me on my toes!), she has taught me more than I will ever be able to teach her.

S--Sensational. Jenna bounces back time and time again. I find that sensational!

O--Open-Minded. Jenna is tolerant, and I'm not talking about with Mikan, but of dealing with all the different doctors & nurses we have.

M--Mommy. Mother. Ma. Momma. Need I say more?

E--Endurance. I see in Jenna: patience, courage, perseverance, stamina, guts and spunk!

Joseph J said...

My Dearest Jenna,

We are so proud of you! You make this world a better place. You are an example to all of us. Someone once said we are the result of all the choices we've made in our lives up to this point. For you, your choices have always been The Right ones. God has given you many gifts: beauty, personality, intelligence... and you've taken those gifts and made the most of them. You have an amazing sense of humor; your loyalty and dedication are unparalleled. You are compassionate and kind. And you are wise beyond your years. The expressions of love from family, friends, and the community while you've been in the hospital are daily confirmation of those qualities. But, words can't express our true feelings for you (and even if they could, a blog probably isn't the right forum :-), but we just wanted to wish you a public Happy Birthday!

I'm sure that Mikan will one day express his appreciation to you the way you did to us at your wedding reception:
"You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be."

Dad and Mom

P.S. Tell John that his nice words aren't a substitute for a real birthday present.