Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday morning and Mikan is still in the hospital. He had to be bagged on Tuesday night. There are also details to be worked out between the home medical equipment company and the home nursing company. The home medical equipment people need to have written certification that the nurses know how to use the ventilator that Mikan is on, the LTV 950. Mikan's steroids are beginning to be weaned. His dose went from 0.4 to 0.35 mL. Since this wean, his ventilator rate was increased by 2 to 12.

Hopefully, we will go home today, Thursday. We're not sure.

We have to sign papers that say we will cover all expenses not covered by insurance. But the agencies that make us sign this paper don't provide an estimate for those costs. The definition of "out of pocket maximum" has been clarified in the past couple of days. We will have to watch the agencies/insurance like a hawk. However, we feel relatively confident that because our home nursing has been preapproved.

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