Thursday, July 17, 2008

Still Here

We're not going home Thursday. We have a slim chance of going home on Friday. On Wednesday, Mikan was feisty in the morning, lethargic in the afternoon, and full of secretions all day. Therefore, he had a blood test done and some of his secretions were used to see if anything would grow on a plate. Something grew. It could be harmful, it might not be. Regardless, he has been started on antibiotics through the IV. He will be watched closely to look for more symptoms. The blood test came back pretty good, but the secretion test is what we're currently worried about. I hope he is okay.

We'll see. What's a couple more days?

It is weird though because we have already said goodbye to many of the nurses he has had. Now, we will probably see them again and be all "What are you still doing here?"

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