Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mikan is getting a little more consistent with his feedings. He will probably start the night pump tomorrow to make up whatever he does not eat during the day. Still a vent rate of 10, about 38% oxygen.

Each Monday and Wednesday, the NICU does rounds. Rounds is where all the doctors, and staff at the NICU get briefed on each child by the child's nurse. Then they discuss the plan for that child. As far as I know, I am the only parent that regularly attends rounds. Jenna attended rounds once, had a traumatic experience, and has sent me since. I enjoy rounds. It is fun to listen to the nurse report what is going on to the doctors. I also enjoy to notice different doctors approaches to the same problems. Some doctors swear by steroids. Others avoid using steroids except in emergencies. There is an eclectic mix of personalities and backgrounds at the Memorial NICU Neonatologist staff. One is from India, one from Russia, one from Nigeria, and another "American." They have learned their trades at different institutions and had different experiences with patients and research that cause their different approaches.

During rounds, I asked when will we be going home. The three doctors there said to wait until the other doctor comes back from India (because he is Mikan's primary care doctor at the NICU).

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