Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mikan appears to be getting over whatever he might of or might not of had. He was alert from 2 pm to 10 pm this evening with only a short 30 minute nap. He was supposed to of had a tracheal aspirate today according to the pediatrician, but we never heard from the home health equipment agency. He looks good though.

Mikan's liter flow is currently around 2 plus or minus 3. He is still getting 0.35 mL of the dexamethasone. His breathing rate fluctuates greatly: from 85 bpm when active to 12 bpm when resting (letting the vent do all of the work). His ventilator settings have not changed since coming home from the hospital: vent rate of 12, pressure control of 45 total, pressure support of 33 total. He gets vitamins once a day. We are giving him Tylenol for post immunization pains. His circumcision was a little bloody yesterday morning, but he is doing okay.

I have heard that if you sneeze, cough, fart, hiccup, puke, and blink all at the same time you die. Well, Mikan is still alive. This must have been an urban legend.

Still home nursing issues. I get to make some phone calls tomorrow.

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Aunt Deb said...

I think urban legend. Wait until you are my age and then you sneeze, fart and pee all at the same time! I know- -too much information!