Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hoping for Tuesday

Mikan and Jenna spent today recovering from the birthday party. Jenna's allergies are acting up and Mikan didn't really wake up until about 5 this afternoon.

Today Mikan moved from the NICU to PICU to accommodate construction in the NICU. We are not sure if we like it or not. There is less noticeable activity in the PICU than the NICU. However, we really liked the visits we got from the NICU nurses whenever we were there. Mikan likes the attention.

We enjoyed a birthday visit from uncle cousin Matt, cousin Connor, and Matt's lady friend Stacie on Saturday and Sunday.

We hope to bring him home on Tuesday. Leaving will be mixed. We have been longing to go home to be able to live a more "relaxed" lifestyle. However, I am nervous about the around the clock responsibility Mikan is going to be. I don't like to speak for Jenna, so I won't, and she's asleep, trying to rest up from the allergies.

I am curious about allergies. If anyone could post situations about heredity of allergies. Do they come from dad? Mom? Neither? I don't have allergies. So, I'd like to hear that allergies are inherited from fathers, but I don't have any real experience.


Anonymous said...

Hey, JJM! Just anecdotally on the allergy thing . . . . Joe has them pretty bad, as does his dad (and one brother). Both of my boys have them, but neither of my girls. The boys see an allergist and get regular shots, which have helped them immensely.

I hope all goes well this week for you all to go home as a family! Thinking of you always, JAKMEH

Joshua said...

Hi John,

I found this brochure with some allergy heredity info. In summary, it says that if neither parent has allergies, the child has a 15% chance of having them, 30% for one parent, and over 60% if both parents have allergies. It doesn't say allergies favor the maternal or paternal side. I'm not sure on the reliability of the source (it is the Internet after all.)
Hope that helps. We're Praying for you.

Josh, Tina, Jonah, & Aaron