Monday, July 14, 2008

Getting Closer

We are still tentatively planning for a home arrival either wednesday or thursday. Mikan has been doing well, his oxygen has been weaning enough that his doctor decided to reduce his steroid dose beginning tomorrow morning. His feedings are only mediocre, but he still doesn't have his feeding tube anymore. His doctor said that his physician may decide to use the NG tube at night if he can't gain weight quick enough on his own. Right now we think his gas is the biggest hindrance during his feedings.

Tomorrow is our second care conference. Hopefully this one goes smoother than the first. We will be able to meet the nurses who will be taking care of Mikan at home. Our house is ready for him, and we are excited that the day is finally nearing.

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Jo said...

Hope Mikan keeps holding strong so that 'getting closer' can change to 'made it home today with Mikan!'. Grandma Harber said you managed to pick some blackberries last weekend. Yet another thing you'll be showing Mikan someday, I'm sure!
Love Ya,
Aunt Jo