Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Mikan is still on the ventilator, rate of 10, 50% oxygen, peep of 6. His doctor said that we needed to decide about if we would feel comfortable taking him home on a ventilator. Even though he doesn't think he will need it for a long time, he just needs time to grow and get stronger, which he can do at home. However, he gets a new doctor beginning Friday who will cement any of Mikan's discharge orders. We may try the CPAP one more time before leaving. We are still looking at coming home the first week in July if everything goes according to plan. His feedings appear to be going better and Mikan stays awake for a larger part of the day now and remains pretty active. He acts pretty much like a normal baby with the exception of all of the tubes and wires. We also found out today that if Mikan goes home on a vent, we would qualify for everyday home health care where a nurse would come into our home and help us care for Mikan each day. This makes us a lot more comfortable taking Mikan home on whatever support he needs.

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