Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Mikan's first bottle feeding

Mikan had a rough night. He had to be bagged 4 times after his heart rate and sats dropped and wouldn't come up. He had to be bagged again this afternoon. Most of the time this happens after he needs to be suctioned, or when he has really bad gas. But he turns blue and refuses to breathe. So the doctor put him back on the ventilator this morning as a way of letting him rest for a day. We hope that he will come off again tomorrow and we'll see how he does. He also received three shots of vaccines yesterday and today his white blood cell count was very high. He had some blood cultures done that we will won't get results back from until tomorrow. He was put on antibiotics today. One step forward, two steps backward. He did well again with his bottle feeding. This time he ate 48 of his 55 ccs. Then he fell asleep. Right now he has orders for bottle feeding once a day.

Today we were asked to speak at the Ronald McDonald house fundraiser dinner in November at the Hilton at St. Mary's. They asked us to share our story and explain how the house has helped us through our hospital experience.

Mary Ann and Angela visited us today with Fruitistas from Taco Bell. I recommend the strawberry mango.

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Jamie said...

John and Jenna,

You do not know me but I feel like I know you through your blog. You see, our babies were due on the same day and Jenna and I gave birth around the same time. I am also blogging on behalf of my daughter, Adali (http://antisdels.typepad.com/adaligrace/), and have enjoyed reading your blog on Mikan's progress. My husband is an Ear Nose and Throat physician as well so he has taken definite interest in Mikan's progress with his Traech lately. You have a beautiful little man and you all will remain in our thoughts and prayers. I simply couldn't go any longer without letting you know that you are not alone.

Jamie Antisdel