Sunday, June 1, 2008


Dad holding Mikan's feeding syringe.

Our first family portrait.

This morning Mikan was taken off of the ventilator, and he is now getting CPAP through the vent. He is breathing on his own, receiving a peep of 8 through the trach. He is on about 40% oxygen. He gets Tylenol ever 4 hours for pain instead of morphine. He resumed his feedings today. Some of his pictures may make him look deceptively huge because of his massive steroid cheeks. He really weighs about 6lbs 4 oz now. Mikan's doctor said that if he is doing well tomorrow he may be able to try bottle feeding. Mikan was a little on the chilly side today. His nurse made a reference to him acting like a baby born in Antarctica. We've usually been keeping him naked because he gets so hot. His post-surgery chill may allow us to use some of the cute outfits we've been accumulating.


Biggest FAN (favorite aunt Nikole said...

Nice Antarctic Reference, John.
Hugs and love from Albion, Mikan!

anastasiaK said...

Three cheers for awesome family photos! Congrats on the progress, JJM! All our love, JAKMEH

Tonya said...

Great family picture! I am so happy to hear of Mikans progress. Tonya Aerts

Mary said...

Great family portrait! Really wonderful to talk to you, Jenna, no matter how brief. We'll be in town starting Friday around lunch and ending Monday morning. We'll be free almost anytime. I'll call. Can't wait to see you three! Love, MB