Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday afternoon NPHS graciously threw a baby shower for us. After the shower, we returned to the hospital for a quick intro to the vent inservice and then enjoyed a night at Rum Runners with Grandma Gensic (Gam Gam), Annette, and Nikole. It was our first and probably last night away from the hospital. Good times had by all. The name "Sally" took on a whole new meaning for Annette. Ask her about it later.

Mikan had an episode this morning where his heart rate wouldn't dip below the 200's and he couldn't keep his blood oxygen saturation up. He was very irritable. After drawing some blood gases, the doctor realized his CO2 was over 3x the normal amount. They increased his home vent pressure control from 38 to 45 and his rate to 15 bpm, then he immediately began to look more relaxed. They speculated about a possible lung collapse, which Mikan is no stranger to. However, his is doing better with breast and bottle feedings.

Mikan spent most of the day with his diaper unhooked and an oxygen tube blowing air near his butt because of a nasty rash. He peed all over his bed throughout the day, but his nurse thought the constant changing of linens was worth his comfort. He's lucky to have such great people taking care of him.

Gensic Boy Handshake

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