Monday, June 2, 2008


Tomorrow Mikan's doctor leaves for India. When I asked who his new doctor would be, he replied, "I don't know yet...I'll ask in rounds today. I'm not sure anyone will volunteer to take him." He was joking about how much of a challenge Mikan is. Mikan is currently in 41% oxygen. His nurse tonight is one of his primaries. She sets goals for herself in an attempt to make Mikan as comfortable as possible so she can take credit for weaning his oxygen way down. We told her to shoot for 38%, but she insists that she can get him much lower. We'll see.

Mikan had his first bottle feeding this evening. He ate 35 of his 50 ccs. I'm pretty sure 10 ccs of it ended up on his face though. He seemed to like it at first. It's hard for him because when he breathes fast he works up secretions in his trach which make it even harder to breathe, so he had to be suctioned at periodic breaks during the feeding. Overall, the nurses think he will do well with bottle feeding. They haven't mentioned when he will be able to begin breast feeding.

Tonight Mikan had an episode where he desatted to 26% and his heart rate dropped to the 60's for about 3 minutes. Turned out he just had to poop. He filled his diaper and recovered pretty quickly. He was pretty purple in the meantime.

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Kara said...

Hey Jenna (and John),
I just wanted you to guys to know that I check your blog almost daily, and I've been putting your names in for prayer requests with my various Christian groups.
I've loved reading your story so far and seeing how God is keep your hearts steadfast despite everything you're going through.
I completely understand not being able to come to the wedding. I'm only sad that I won't see you. Just keep taking care of your lil Mikan. :)
God bless!