Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mikan's respiratory support remains consistent. He has an arterial blood gas test tomorrow morning that will indicate whether his support can be dropped to possibly just CPAP before we go home. The lower the CO2 the better the chances of attempting CPAP only. We start with a different doctor tomorrow, our currect doctor went to Alaska. We have been told our next doctor will be the one that establishes the plan for going home.

Mikan is getting better at feeding. He takes his time. Tonight Jenna fed him, then he was put back in bed. He was fussy. IF the nurse would have been there, they would have given him more of his feeding through the tube. However, the nurse wasn't there, so Jenna fed him some more. He enjoyed the second round. It was good to teach him that just because he quits eating, that doesn't mean he gets the rest through the tube. We teach perseverance. Or we learn perseverance from him, one of the two.

We were given the offer of touring the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) today. We will probably tour it next week. Hopefully Mikan will not need to visit there and we can go home from the NICU.

Continued Thanks for your support and prayers.

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