Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mikan's respiratory support is the same: 10 bpm, 6 PEEP, and pressure support of 32 cm of H2O. He had an atrocious trach care again this morning. He has yet to be really successful at breastfeeding. He is inconsistently successful at bottlefeeding.

We are able to "play" with Mikan now. This will help the development of his other body systems and he really seems to enjoy it. We do a little tummy time, arm games, leg stretches, side laying, and sitting up.

Annette and Gil came by with JT on their way to Wrigley for a Cubs game. We were able to play around with a 20 pounder for a while. We decided that the three cousins born this spring, JT, Mikan and Liam, are very similar to the story of Goldielocks. JT is big, Mikan is small, and Alec is just right. At least for now.

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awesome aunt annette said...

I thought we decided, JT is papa bear, Mikan is baby bear, and Alek was momma bear.