Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mikan was taken off of the ventilator and onto CPAP on Friday afternoon. He is currently just receiving a pressure of 10 cm of H20 constantly. He is no longer receiving "breathes" of air. As of 5:45 am, his oxygen requirement had gone up from 46% to 55% since the shift from the ventilator. He has been working a little harder, but that has been expected. We will start to decide on Monday whether our discharge plans will be for the ventilator or CPAP level of support. Regardless, it will be the same machine, just different settings. Throughout the day, Mikan was very sleepy and was given almost all of his feedings by tube.

Alexa, Grandma Nina Kartje, and Michelle visited yesterday. Grandma Nina was able to hold Mikan for the first time. Also, they were able to observe a trach care session.

Jenna and I are getting more efficient at trach care. Mikan is still variable in his mood during trach care, but we are better at making sure we do everything in the right order when we clean his trach.

Thanks for the prayers and support. We may be at home in a few weeks. Once Mikan is on a level of support that he is stable with, we are comfortable, and home nursing works out, then we will be back home.

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