Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mikan is still on the vent at a rate of 15 bpm. His pressures were turned up very slightly today because of a mediocre carbon dioxide reading. He took about 26 cc's of a 55 cc feeding today. We are hoping that breast feeding is in the cards for the near future. We are also hoping to wean back off of the vent through the trach soon.

Apparently, we may have a decision to make about whether we want Mikan to have steroids once a day or every other day. If he gets them once a day, this may have less long term side effects on his neurological systems. If he gets them twice a day, he will probably have less lung scarring in the mid to long term because he will not require as much vent support. Notice all of the apparently's, may's, and probably's. This uncertainty has been a trademark of our experience thus far, which makes most decisions difficult. So, we'll listen to the doctor and continue to look for advice on what's the best path from this point.

One thing is for certain, Jenna changed Mikan's trach tube today for the first time. Our ENT Doctor was there to witness it and said she did a great job. We also did all of his evening assessment, including the weighing. I felt like I was back in a chemistry lab when I pressed the tare button and waited for everything to zero right before I lifted the diaper.

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