Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mikan is still getting 10 bpm and is in about 35% oxygen. He is also 8 lbs. and 12 ounces (almost 4.00 kg). He had a pretty quite day and we were able to play with him for awhile in the morning and evening.

Last night Grandpa Gensic and Gam Gam visited with Chuck and Roe. We enjoyed the visiting, dinner, and breakfast shared by all.

Today Jenna and I did a little more preparation for Mikan to come home. All the carpet from the living room is gone and the concrete floor is awaiting the laminate to be installed, maybe on July 4th. We have a busy week ahead. But about two weeks from going home. Our home nursing will not be through Memorial Home Care, but instead either from agencies in Valp or Merriville, we'll see. Memorial will still be providing equipment, just not nurses.


awesome aunt annette said...

JT just wanted to tell Mikan, "The Mohawk is cool but a comb over is the way to go."

awesome aunt annette said...

JT forgot to say, "Keep growing, you're almost half my size."