Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Mikan is in about 40% oxygen on his rate of 10 bpm with the vent. Nikole and Grandma Gensic watched trach care today. Mikan's disposition throughout trach care is sometimes moody, but usually relatively calm. According to some RT's this is impressive.

We had many visitors this Father's Day. Nikole, Mike, Connor, Maria, Maggie, Jack, Pete, Tia, Liam, Grandma Gensic, Annette, Gil, JT, and Jake all visited and we did the Strawberry Pie Olympics. We played stick racing, maple seed helicopter hangtime, and big ball kickball. I think that Tia won for the day but somehow lost because she won according to Jake and Pete's rules. Everyone's mouths were the real winners at the Strawberry Pie Olympics.

Happy Father's Day to All Father's, Grandpa's, and Uncles. We are certainly thankful for all of ours. This being my first is kind of a weird feeling. Having everyone come up to play certainly made it more memorable. Last night at mass I felt a little strange standing when asked "If all the father's could stand for a blessing." I wondered if the people that saw Jenna and I thought we left our kid with a babysitter while we went to mass. If they would have asked us, I probably would have said, "yep" just to save all the time so that Jenna could get back to the hospital to pump keep the schedule.

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Anonymous said...

Happy First Father's Day John!
I know it's been a long first road but you are a great dad!