Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Breast Feeding

John giving Mikan a bottle for the first time.

John taking advantage of Mikan while he's sleeping.

JT's not the only Gensic grandbaby Cubs fan.

Kangaroo time.

Mikan's crazy face.

No blog last night because we didn't bring our computers into our house with us. Today I (Jenna) breast-fed Mikan for the first time. I have to be specific with my identity because apparently there are men who have tried to experience the breast feeding experience in the past by draping a tube over their shoulders near their nipples and letting their child feed from it. John hasn't asked to do this yet, but the nurses have offered. Mikan did ok with it. Like all of his feedings, he is interested in sucking, but he is just slow. He finished a bottle today after about 35 minutes. He slept through most of it.

Today Mikan got his trach care done to the tune of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." He is in about 38% oxygen now and the doctor has determined he needs everyday steroids and he will need to go home on the same dose he is currently taking.

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