Wednesday, June 25, 2008

44 Weeks

This morning and evening Mikan needed morphine because his heart rate was really high and he was visibly agitated. His steroid dose was also slightly increased today. He seems to be liking it. His oxygen was down to 30% this evening. We had a 2 hour training session on the home vent today. Another 2 hour one to follow tomorrow. Unfortunately Mikan's insurance will only cover one month of home nursing after he leaves the hospital, regardless of whether he is still on the ventilator or not. This is disappointing to us as well as all of the doctors and staff at the NICU. But they have agreed to 16 hours per day for that month, now it's just a matter of finding nurses who are willing to participate (and it can't be NICU nurses because of a payroll stipulation). We are looking at appealing the insurance decision so that another month would be possible.

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