Thursday, June 19, 2008

43 Weeks Yesterday...15 weeks in the NICU...Have We Really Been Here This Long?

Today Mikan was switched to his home vent. He appears to be doing pretty well on it so far. All of his settings have remained the same, which is good. He will have blood drawn tomorrow to check his CO2 levels to see if there need to be any additional vent changes. The home vent is about the size of a laptop, but it makes some loud sucking noises whenever Mikan breathes. It kind of makes him sound like Darth Vader...As if our kid didn't have enough qualities about him that might freak out young children.

His breast and bottle feedings remain stagnant. He eats when he feels like it and we still have to use his feeding tube when he refuses to wake up. However, he does take enough of his feedings by bottle that the doctors don't think he will need the feeding tube too long after he goes home.

We met a potential pediatrician for Mikan who works in South Bend. She has worked with other patients who have health issues similar to Mikan, and she was recommended by his current NICU doctor. He really impressed her with his obnoxious gas.

As long as Mikan remains stable on his home vent, we hope to be out of here soon. However, we still are waiting for approval of home nursing through our insurance company.

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