Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Mikan had his eyes checked again today. He has advanced stage 2 retinopathy. He will be checked again on Thursday evening. If the retinopathy is at all worse on Thursday, he will have surgery on Friday. In the meantime, the orders are not to extubate him so that the sedation involved with surgery will not cause him the stress of reintubation. Mikan had his regular doctor today. The doctor's language seemed more optimistic about getting him off the vent within the next week. I think the doctor is just happy that Mikan's vent settings have not needed to be changed in the past few days.

We had many visitors today. Grandpa Kartje came and gave blood, should Mikan need it again. He also became the fourth person to hold Mikan. Steve, Sandy, Angela, and Mary Ann also visited this evening. Jenna was polite enough not to ask for an ice cream shakes from our visitors tonight. She embarrasses me when she asks for shakes from our guests. I keep telling her that it is rude, and that is enough for them just to come and see us, they don't need to bring us any shakes. She usually asks for chocolate shakes from Steak and Shake. I don't why she asks for chocolate when there are so many other shakes she could get. I am glad my social etiquette skills make up for what she lacks.


Lindsey Corbin said...

Ok, so I wasn't sure before, but I am now, Mikan is definitely the cutest baby ever!!! He looks adorable in all those pictures :) I'm glad extubation is nearing, and continue to keep you all in my thoughts :)

Annette Morlan said...

Real subtle, what size does she prefer. Mikan is adorable. I love his rolls. Good Luck on Friday and we will see you on saturday. I am happy you might be able to hear him cry soon.

Mary Ann said...

Promise....we'll bring chocolate shakes the next time we visit. :-)