Friday, May 30, 2008

Tracheotomy Day

The tracheostomy operation is done. The surgery lasted about an hour. The surgeon was an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist. He examined Mikan's airway and found some floppy airway tissue (laryngomalasia) especially near his voice box. The doctor thinks this might have something to do with Mikan's breathing problems, but not everything.
The tracheostomy (basically a synonym for tracheotomy) is bad for the following reasons...
1.) Can't really hear Mikan
2.) Every 3-4 hours suctioning will be needed.
3.) Tube Care will be necessary twice a day. (Where we switch out for a clean tube and clean the area)
4.) We constantly have to make sure no debris gets in the tube.
5.) The average babysitter just won't do.
6.) It will be in for 10-15 months, according to our Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor.
The tracheostomy is good for the following reasons...
1.) He will start to feed more naturally using a bottle and breast.
2.) We will be able to go home earlier.
3.) Mikan will not have a bulky CPAP on his face pushing air up his nose.
4.) We can see his face. (He is pretty cute, pictures to come)
5.) The average babysitter just won't do.
6.) This should prevent any long term heart issues that are sometimes caused by laryngomalasia.
7.) Stephen Hawking has one.
8.) Mikan is not in an iron lung (one reason I teach science)
Once again -6+8=+2.

Mikan is currently on a ventilator through the tracheotomy tube. He is getting 20 breaths each minute at fairly low pressures. He is getting morphine as needed for pain. He seems very calm and is starting to sporadically breathe a little on his own. Hopefully, the support through the trach will wean quickly and feedings will restart so that his IVs can be taken out.

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