Thursday, May 8, 2008


Mikan is in about 44% oxygen and at pressure support similar to about a week ago. He has remain fairly consistent in his support over the last couple of days. He has about a week and half before another steroid induced attempt to extubate. If he does remarkable well on his own over the next week, he may get an opportunity before then. However, today we found out that Mikan has stage 2 retinopothy (the beginning of retina detachment, yet another symptom of prematurity). If it progresses to stage 3, he will need to have laser surgery immediately to correct it. The eye doctor checks him again in a week. He prefers that Mikan stay on the vent if he needs surgery because sometimes the babies have to be sedated so much that they require intubation during the surgery even if they are breathing normally. If Mikan just came off the vent and then would have to be reintubated, future extubation would be difficult.

Annette, JT, and Gil came to visit and have dinner tonight. It was good to see them. We've already started to plan the first cousin party "The Next Generation."

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Aunt Deb said...

I am sure it seems like one step forward and ten steps back. ROP is common in babies born as early as Mikan. Most babies with stage I and II need no treatment and recover very well and have no residual vision problems. Even some babies with stage III recover without treatment and have normal vision. Complete detachment occurs in stage IV and V. Laser treatment is usually used when they have stage III "plus". I know is sounds horrible because vision is so important but remember most babies recover on their own. On the 28 week twins - - remember 28 weeks is huge compared to 26. Babies born to drug moms tend to be born early. They go through withdrawals along with the problems of prematurity and can have lifelong problems like the young boy we are raising. Hopefully, while things seem bad with Mikan right now, he will go on to lead a normal happy life. God Bless you all.