Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Night

Mikan is currently requiring about 60% oxygen and his evening blood gases were good enough to wean his ventilator pressures slightly. It appears that the steroids are working pretty well right now. Or it might be the change of vents, morphine, blood transfusion, or antibiotics. For some reason, we think its the steroids more so than the other changes.

We are more relaxed tonight than last night. He is continuing his antibiotics and steroids for the next couple of days. He has blood gases and an x-ray in the morning.

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Aunt Deb said...

John and Jenna
So sorry that things didn't go well last night. This has to be very upsetting and exhausting for all of you. I bet he was just worn out. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers. How many weeks is he up to now?