Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Night

Currently Mikan is in about 60% oxygen and awaiting an x-ray to look inside his lungs. He was in about 37% oxygen all day long so the increase to 60% is the reason for the x-ray. He had good CO2 levels this morning so his rate was dropped to 12 bpm and one of his pressures was dropped from 43 to 35. Both good things. He is getting steroids each night at 9:30 pm. Steroids are planned to continue until Wednesday evening.

Mikan probably has a hernia. He has part of his intestines protruding into his scrotum. He will probably need surgery at some point. The surgery is common and babies usually handle it pretty well. Just another side effect of being a premature boy.

My brother Pete with kids Tia, and Liam came to visit today. We went to the East Race and to a park by the hospital. Liam cried when I hit him on the head with a football. Yet another risk Mikan is protected from by staying at the NICU.

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Life in the Bend said...

Fun Fact: Atticus will be having surgery for a hernia in June. I'm sorry Mikan might have to have the same thing, but it does appear to be extremely common and routine to fix.