Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Still Off the Ventilator!

We got some good news today. Mikan passed all of his tests. His CBC came back normal, meaning he's not infected. His blood gases were decent, his hemoglobin was good, his electrolytes were good, and the unofficial report of the echocardiogram said that his heart did not look enlarged. His chest x-ray showed a partial lung collapse in his upper right lobe, but the rest of his lungs looked better than they did last week. The doctor said that the lung collapse was probably causing his high oxygen requirements right now. He wrote orders for Mikan to lay with his right side up 50% of the day. He thinks that once the collapse is taken care of, Mikan will be able to wean. Currently his oxygen requirement is 62%. If it drops below 60%, the doctor said he would consider weaning his pressures. He is still at a pressure of 10. But overall, the doctor is happy with Mikan's results and said he didn't have any reason right now to put him back on the ventilator; he was going to keep him on CPAP and see if he continued to make progress.

Tonight after John held Mikan, we put him back and bed and just sat talking to him because he was awake and smiling and happy. John didn't fully attach his diaper because he said Mikan wanted to "air himself out." He appeared to enjoy this for awhile. Then when we finally changed his diaper, before any of us could react, he projectile pooped approximately 1/2 meter. The sound made us jump. He pooped all over his crib sheets. His NP t-shirt that was hanging on the end of his crib caught a bunch of poop and prevented it from reaching the floor. It was pretty impressive. From what we've been told, this may not be the last time we experience this.

Even though we currently still have no cars that are in working condition, we are hoping to get them both back tomorrow. When John left for work this morning, the truck wouldn't start again. He flagged down a charge nurse to jump the battery, and then he drove it to an auto shop. Thanks Charge Nurse Kim.

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anastasiaK said...

Let's hear it for projectile pooping! When you're too tiny to throw a frisbee, what else can you do to show your athletic prowess?! Sounds like you're making great progress, Mikan! We're cheering for you!