Saturday, May 3, 2008


Mikan's been having a good streak. He loves his steroids. He was on 35% oxygen for most of the day. His steroids are now being administered only once a day and at a smaller dose. He is extremely irritable throughout all of his assessments, but once he settles down, he seems to do fine. He has had good-moderate blood gases over the last two days so his pressure support has been reduced and his vent rate is now 15 breaths per minute.

One of the nurses told us that when he is fussy we should help to calm him by softly repeating the same phrase over and over again, such as "it's ok." Every time I do that I can't help think, "Is it really ok? Surely it can't be comfortable with all those tubes down your throat." Mikan's new favorite thing to do is use his tongue to push out his feeding tube. It's painful to watch the nurses continue to shove it back down his throat. Nurse George explained that during his training the students had to practice on each other by putting feeding tubes through each others' nostrils. I'm glad I'm not a nurse.

The video posted shows how dramatic each nighttime weighing is for Mikan. He has to be unhooked from all of his gadgets. We always try to guess his weight in kilos before the final reading.

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