Friday, May 16, 2008

Retinopathy Surgery

The early results of the surgery are good. Basically, the surgery went as planned and Mikan behaved. However, we won't know the effectiveness of the surgery for awhile. We do not know if he will need a surgery again. We do not know if he will develop cataracts (for babies is a possible cause of blindness, which can't be treated like adult cataracts). The eye doctor will see him again in a week. We hope to have him extubated by the end of the weekend.

He looked pretty pathetic after the surgery. You would have thought there were "sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads" shooting them into Mikan's eyes. When we went into the operation room Jenna asked, "Are those the lasers?" referring to the large lights (about three feet in diameter) that are used to illuminate the operating table. Jenna was reassured that the laser generator was the small black box on the table next to Mikan.

One way we know that Mikan is a Gensic. He is good at keeping his temperature up without being swaddled. He is a warm body. He'll be ready for the winter Lake Michigan swim before you know it.

We had visitors today. Grandpa Gensic, Grandma Kartje, Aunt Alexa, Aunt Katie, and Mary Ann all made their way by at various times. We thank all for their support.

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