Monday, May 12, 2008


Today was another steady day of growing. Mikan has remained between 40 and 45% oxygen and on a rate of 12. His primary doctor returns tomorrow and will hopefully wean pressures. It looks like we will probably be looking at extubation or laser eye surgery at the end of this week. Mikan has been attacking his pacifier lately. Hopefully this is a sign his bottle feeding will go smoothly. He was upgraded to a "big boy" pacifier and "newborn" instead of "preemie" diapers. He's getting big. He's also starting to acquire the baby rolls everywhere. The biggest thing we've noticed about his development is his desire to grab everything lately and put it towards his mouth. This includes all of his tubes and wires. I think this is a sign that he needs to lose them before he does something he shouldn't. Right now I have to restrain him with blankets in order to get him to stay connected to everything.

We left our camera in the NICU tonight. Pictures tomorrow.

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anastasiaK said...

Baby Rolls! Yeay! I'll have to get to work on some serious chubby baby feet socks.