Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mikan's Original Due Date

Mikan is probably going to need a tracheotomy operation to allow him to breath without any head apparatus. This is after Mikan required 100% oxygen for a period of time this afternoon and showed signs of lung collapse in his x-ray. The doctors think he might have a floppy airway or a narrow airway into his upper right lung which is causing his lung collapse. The CPAP pressure of 10 has probably been keeping this airway open. However, we all want Mikan to start feeding on his own, and a tracheotomy will expedite this process.

Jenna found out that he was going to need a trach put in during rounds today. We are excited at the prospect of going home within about 30 days. However, we were hoping for him to go home on oxygen through a nasal canulade. He could go home on a ventilator, CPAP, or oxygen as long as the tracheotomy tube is in.

So, surgery will be necessary for the tracheotomy tube to be put in. We think it will be Friday or Saturday. He will once again be mute. He has already asked for a Stephen Hawking voice synthesizer. I told him to wait.

The tracheotomy tube could be in anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years. It depends on how Mikan grows and develops. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
Stephen Hawking is considered to be the best mind in physics since Einstein. Mikan is considered to be the best Gensic since Jenna. NOTE: Mikan does not have Lou Gehrig's Disease. Mikan and Stephen Hawking will have understanding of the universe and tracheotomies in common, that's it, that we know of.

PSA: Please remember to have your upcoming surgeries pre-certified.

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Angela Saoud said...

Well, in my opinion, all the Gensic's are pretty great. When are you visitorless this weekend? I'm desperate to see you guys, and Mikan, and bring you shakes! :)