Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mikan remains on the C-pap this evening. We look forward to times when this will not be news. The doctor is worried about Mikan running out of energy, therefore Mikan has not been weaned on his support. His eye examine on Thursday night will be another test. First of all, we hope his eyes are responding to surgery without complication or further intervention. Second, we hope he can withstand an eye exam while on the C-Pap. I think that once he proves himself during an eye exam, the doctor will be more likely to wean pressure support on the C-pap.

In Mikan's room we have posted humorous, important, and timely quotes our doctor has made. For example, "To be perfectly honest with you, Mikan is acting more like a 26 weeker than a 28 weeker." Another "When I left him (Mikan), he was doing fine." Or "The problem is, is that he is a white boy (lung reference)." And finally, "Do you have good insurance?"

The last one he didn't say but it would be funny if he did, but only because we have good insurance.

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DazzlingUrbanite said...

My friend Michelle Knox showed me this blog. I know I don't know you, but after going through all the back posts I feel like I do. I pray for your family and little Mikan. He's so cute, and so strong, I know he will be fine. Mikan was a light for my day and I know he is a light in yours as well. God Bless!