Monday, May 19, 2008

Mikan is still on the C-pap, good. He is on steroids every 12 hours. They are going to wean his dose from 0.3 to 0.25 tomorrow. He is very temperamental. He is either asleep or hoarsely wailing. He likes to do pushups when he gets moody. I think he doesn't like the 2 prongs up his nose giving him constant pressure in his nostrils. While all vent families want the C-pap, it is a cumbersome, difficult to manage piece of equipment. Mikan has a little more freedom and has to keep his mouth sealed to allow the machine to work the most effectively.

He is making progress and we thank you for your prayers.


Mom Kartje said...

Celebration and joy ringing from St.Vincent's! All the prayer warriors rejoice in the fruits of their labor! We are so excited for ALL of you. Keep up the good work! Everyone sends their love and prayers. Love you guys, Mom

anastasiaK said...

Wo0t! Let's hear it for strong lungs and healthy tongues!