Friday, May 9, 2008

Mikan is staying pretty consistent in the 40's% in oxygen. His pressure support was weaned slightly today. He seemed to handle it pretty well. We're hoping that his eyes are okay next week so that he will not need the laser eye surgery to prevent further retinal detachment.

Retinopathy of Prematurity is actually growing in incidence because more and more premature babies are surviving to tell us how good their vision is or isn't. Apparently the weight threshold for concern of retinopathy is 1.25 kilograms. Mikan was born at 0.8 kilograms. Therefore, the doctors have seen this coming. We wonder how much is coming.

Today Jenna was able to use the NICU's supplies of scrapbooking to start a baby book for Mikan. The NICU has lots of stickers with premature specific slogans. Such as...
"Bouts of Apnea" "Desatting" "Ventilator" "Suctioning" "Jet Vent" "Shift Change" "Skin to Skin" "Another round of Antibiotics" "Blood Transfusion" "Dex Levels" "OG Tube" "Pulse Oximeter" "Bradiocardia" "Low Birth Weight" "Ruptured Membranes" "Retinopathy" "Billy Light" "Jaundice" "Incubator" "Wash your hands" "Avagard" "C-Pap" "Si-Pap" "Kangarooing" "Passing Gas" "Dexamethasone" "Premature Lungs" "Fluid Retention" "PDA ligation" "Hernia" "Vitamin D Shots"

Okay some of those weren't stickers. But it's a good vocabulary list from the last 2 months.


Jo said...

As I read this I thought, they really have stickers for all these? then I hit your last line. Then I thought you probably had some you considered listing but didn't add due to potential audience.
I was Josh Blevins Confirmation sponsor last week. As I was attending the ceremony, I thought about you guys when they spoke of the Holy Spirit's gifts, especially fortitude. May the Spirit keep you strong and help pull you through all this! Love you guys!
Aunt Jo

Anonymous said...

Jenna & John,
Being in NY I don't get to stay up on everyone. Today,I found out about your baby. I didn't even know you were pregnant. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I know you two are strong physically, emotionally and spiritually. Critter and I truly believe things happen for a reason. We may not understand why for a long time or you may never know, but God has a plan for each of us. Your family is in our prayers and we wish you the best!
Stephenie (MacDonald) & Christopher Hess