Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Mikan's on about 70% O2 still and a CPAP pressure of 10. His doctor was a little disappointed he hadn't made any progress since last week. He said it was good that he was able to make it off the ventilator for a week, but he wants to run a bunch of tests on him tomorrow to make sure his body is handling it ok. He will get an echocardiogram to measure the size of his heart and the pressures that the heart is giving the lungs. If his heart is working too hard, he will have to be put back on the ventilator for a few weeks. He is also getting blood work to test for blood gases and possible infections. If everything appears normal, he will try to keep him on CPAP until he continues to get healthier. Hopefully, that is the case, and he will turn a corner here soon. If he has to be reintubated, it is doubtful that Mikan will be home before the end of the summer. But of course, anything could happen I suppose.

Mikan's doctor is taking a 3 week trip to India soon to deliver medical supplies to some hospitals there. Beginning next week, he will have a new physician for awhile.

We'd like to thank everyone at New Prairie schools who purchased a T-shirt for Mikan. We love the shirts! Mikan's is hanging on his crib.

Thank you everyone for your support! The three of us are thriving on it.

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