Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1 12 pm

Last night and this morning were pretty rough. Mikan's oxygen requirements went from around 50% to 100% within 4 hours yesterday evening. Therefore, he had the following tests done...
1.) x-ray (check lung condition and tube placement)
2.) urine analysis
3.) CBC (measures white blood cell levels sign of infection)
4.) tracheal aspirate (check for infection)
5.) Started antibiotics vancomiocin and gentamicin (sp?)
6.) Blood gases (carbon dioxide levels)
The x-ray showed that his lungs had collapsed while the signs of infection were negative. The Doctor bagged him for awhile and this helped to reopen his lungs and get him to about 70% oxygen. The doctor thinks the lung collapse was caused by excessive secretions and the jet vent. So this got him through the night.

Then we woke up to Mikan requiring 100% oxygen again. Therefore the following things were done...
1.) Another doctor tried to bag him as last night but to no avail.
2.) X-ray (which showed a little better lung volume)
3.) 2 doses of morphine back to back to get him to breathe with the vent and not against.
4.) Emergency dose of steroids which was larger than any of the doses that he got during his steroids last week.
5.) The doctor messed with the settings (PEEP, PCP, SIMV Rate) on the ventilator for a little over an hour, trying to get him to come down on his oxygen requirement.
All of this resulted in his oxygen requirements dropping to 85% and a very lethargic looking Mikan Gensic.

I am typing from home because Jenna had a textbook adoption meeting at school, therefore this update is effective 12 pm May 1 (We know why it is called May Day now). I'll try to type after tonight is over as we hope to have more reassuring news.

I haven't had school the last two days because of sewage issues at St. Adalbert. This is the time of year we try to recruit new students to our school so I hope the sewage issue doesn't hurt enrollment.

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jkhenson said...

Lots of prayers for Mikan, and the two of you are being sent up from the Henson family in Columbus, Ohio.