Friday, May 23, 2008


Mikan is on C-Pap pressure of 10 cm of H2O and around 92% oxygen. He has orders for the diuretic lasiks for the next three days to try and keep his lungs dry. He will have steroids tomorrow morning at a dose of 0.35 mg per kg. Congratulations to my brother Pete and wife Sarah on cousin Alek.

This week the following happened...
1.) Flat tire on Buick Skylark
2.) Antifreeze pipe breaks in Skylark
3.) Repair part for Skylark won't be in until mid next week
4.) Skylark gets broken into overnight at the shop (We were kind of living out of our car so they thought there was some good stuff in there. They were mistaken. We are out about $10 cash and a rosary Nikole gave us. They probably need it more than us.)
5.) Truck battery drained after sitting for about 1 month in New Carlisle.
6.) Jenna was sick and couldn't hold Mikan.
7.) Mikan went from hi-flow to max pressure on C-Pap.
8.) Jenna wasted a day applying for social security benefits for Mikan that we don't qualify for.

Silver Lining...
1.) My ND student ID means free rides on Transpo buses.
2.) Jenna is producing antibodies to protect Mikan from disease.
3.) We don't qualify for social security benefits.
4.) Uncle Ben was a savior to get Jenna back to South Bend from New Carlisle.
5.) Two new visitors, Aunt Betty and Uncle Mark.
6.) Mikan is not on the vent.
7.) Mikan proved hi-flow abilities for a day.
8.) Did anyone see the peach trees in our backyard?
9.) We live in South Bend and don't really need a car, yet.
10.) Everyone is still praying.
-8+10=+2 (FYI: Sixth Grade Indiana State Math Standard: Addition with negative numbers)

McLaughlin Style Predictions
He will stay off the ventilator until tomorrow's steroids and start to wean more tomorrow afternoon. He will then decrease his C-Pap pressure. Upon decreasing C-Pap pressure, he will start to feed. This may be interrupted with an eye exam that will set us back a day.
Bye, Bye.

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Aunt Deb said...

Still more on the "silver lining" column than the problem list!! While he might not qualify for social security benefits, you might look into the Lions Club. They do a lot of work with childrens eye problems. They might be able to help if he needs more eye therapy. Just a thought.