Friday, May 2, 2008


Mikan has been weaning on his ventilation support needs since his steroids started yesterday. He is in about 65% oxygen. His antibiotics will continue through tomorrow. His steroids have been 2 shots per day for today and yesterday. For the next five days, he will get steroids once each day. If his oxygen and pressure support continue to wean, we may be able to try extubation next week (getting the breathing tube out of his mouth). Mikan may still be on a smaller amount of steroids post-extubation to help from further set backs.

The nurses think that Mikan has gotten hilights in his hair. They think he is cute. So do we. However, they couldn't tell us if he were otherwise. I doubt a NICU parent has ever reported, "My nurse thinks my baby is ugly. She told me so." I know some babies are ugly, they usually grow out of it. I am not sure if Mikan is "cute" but he already has shown me his character, at least a little bit of it.


Anonymous said...

That's a powerful realization, isn't it? I swear that Kira's character was highly influenced by the struggles she had as a newborn. While nowhere near what Mikan is enduring, it was tough for her because she had to work so hard just to get enough calories to grow a few ounces each week (due to her cleft palate.)

Throughout her childhood, she accepted struggles and pain without complaint. She's a tough cookie and my bet is that Mikan will be as well. Good work, you three!

Miss Golando said...

Mikan IS cute. I told you, I think babies aren't that good looking, but yours is.

Also, Benji and I were wondering, what kind of steroids is Mikan on?

I hope we'll be able to come out again soon and see all three of you. Take care!

John Gensic said...