Saturday, May 17, 2008

Extubation Tomorrow?

Mikan is at presurgery levels in terms of his ventilator support. Our doctor was thinking of calling us during the shower to try and extubate Mikan. However, about 30 minutes after the doctor was thinking of extubation, Mikan had an episode where his oxygen levels and heart rate dropped substantially. Therefore, the doctor decided it was best to wait for another day. Jenna and I think that Mikan's episode was because of fluid in the tube getting into his lungs. We are hoping that he is extubated tomorrow. The doctor has mentioned that if this extubation fails (Sunday), a Ear Nose and Throat doctor will need to be present for the next extubation attempt to see if Mikan needs to have a tube put directly into his trachea and by-pass the nose and throat. We'll see.

Regarding his eyes, we really did not get any new information today. We probably won't until the eye doctor sees him again later this week. However, once the morphine wore off from surgery this morning he was back to his normal support.

We would like to thank everyone who came to our house for the shower. We will be having a party back in Ft. Wayne at a later date at "Party Central" (Annette, Gil and Big T's house). It was nice to see everyone. The weather was wonderful to be able to get outside and play around a little bit. We also thank Grandma Kartje and Alexa for their staying over night to help set up for the party.

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anastasiaK said...

Hello, Mikan! This is your first cousin once removed, Emma. Congratulations! You have more hair than my dad--and he's been working at it for 42 years! Can't wait to meet you!