Sunday, May 18, 2008

Extubation-Preliminary Success

Mikan was extubated this morning at around 9:45 am and put onto C-pap. Right away we knew that it was better than the last attempt (12 days ago). He started breathing on his own. His breathing rate has been high all day at around 60 to 90 breathes each minute. His oxygen support on C-pap started at 100% but has decreased to around 80%. His pressure support on C-Pap is 10 cm of H2O (which is nearly the highest amount of pressure the C-pap can give). So, Mikan has a prong up each nostril instead of a tube down his throat and his mouth needs to be sealed shut so the air goes down into his lungs. We are both excited about his progress. If he makes it through tonight, chances are he won't need to be re-intubated.

Jenna has been singing verses of Kool & The Gang's song "Celebration" today. But instead of "Celebration" it has been "Extubation."

There's some breathing going on right here.
We been waiting for what seems like a year.
So bring your C-pap, and your Si-Pap too.
We're going to hold your mouth shut for you.
Come on now, extubation.
Let's all extubate and have a good time. Yeah Yeah.

It's time to breathe forever,
It's up to you,
What's your pressure?

Everyone around the NICU, come on.

So we're crazy. Yesterday was exactly three months at the hospital.


Mary Ann said...

What fabulous of my facvorite songs you know! Can't get those words out of my head.
Mikan is small but strong. Hopefully, we'll see you Monday evening. We'll bring the shakes and celebrate.

Joseph J said...

Know that the LORD works wonders for the faithful; the LORD hears when I call out. Trust in the LORD. You have given my heart more joy than when grain and wine abound. In peace I shall both lie down and sleep, for you alone, LORD, make me secure.

Joseph J said...

Way to go, Mikan!
I knew you could!
I knew you could!
I knew you could!

Annette Morlan said...

That is awesome. Did they take out the feeding tube yet? So, He will be a "chubby breather." I have another song to sing.

Hey South Bend what do you say, Mikan's gonna breath today. Go Mikan Go! Go Mikan Go!

Lindsey Corbin said...

YAY!!!! That was great news for this Monday morning! I'm so happy for all three of you :) Come on Mikan, stay strong and go home soon! We are sending all of our good thoughts and all paws are crossed in our house.

John Gensic said...

He is at a pressure of ten, so once he is a pressure of four, he'll be able to start feeding gradually.

anastasiaK said...

Way to go, Mikan! And if he was a teen-ager, he'd be rolling his eyes, stomping off to his bedroom, and slamming the door to before you could even get to another chorus . . . . don't forget to dance--that really embarrasses kids!