Thursday, May 22, 2008

Back on the C-Pap

Mikan is back on the C-Pap today. He had a oxygen desaturation episode this afternoon where he maxed out the hi-flow settings and needed to be put back on the C-Pap. The doctor thinks he may have had a small lung collapse.

Currently, Mikan is on C-Pap at pressure 10 cm of H2O and around 90% oxygen. He had a follow up eye doctor appointment tonight and all the eye doctor could say was, "It looks good, there does not appear to be any complications from surgery. We still don't know how his eyes have responded to surgery, but I'll check him again next week." Before his eye appointment, Mikan was given choral hydrate to calm him down.

Jenna is not feeling well, so she stayed at home tonight. Grandpa Kartje, Steve, and Sandy visited this evening. Mikan was very relaxed throughout their visit and slept the entire time.

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