Wednesday, May 21, 2008

39 Weeks: Mikan's Farewell to the CPAP

Great news! Mikan decided to throw a royal hissy fit just as the doctor came in to examine him for the day. Because Mikan appeared so uncomfortable on the CPAP, he decided to try him on a high flow nasal cannula. He is doing great on it! It is a lot less cumbersome, so he is much more comfortable. He also doesn't have an exorbitant amount of pressure blazing through his nostrils. So far his doctor has called twice since he left the NICU today to check on Mikan. He still thinks it's too good to be true. He had given us an early estimate that we should plan on Mikan being on the CPAP for about a month. If Mikan can stay on High Flow, then that cuts into a lot of our hospital stay. We also like High Flow because we can go pick him up and hold him whenever we want. We don't need a nurse to come help us because there are a lot less wires and devices to be messed up. You can also see a lot more of Mikan's face. We've just begun to realize how really cute he is. His doctor today said, "Wow, he looks really different. He looks like a normal baby...I mean...not like he looked weird before or anything."

The video will give you an idea of what his cry sounds like.


Lindsey Corbin said...

YAY Mikan!!!! You are so adorable and I'm so glad to hear you are making progress :) Keep growing baby, you can go home soon!

jkhenson said...

Go Mikan!! He's a very cute baby! :) We're so happy to hear the news of his improvements!

Joseph J said...
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Joseph J said...

This is truly an answer to our prayers!

The doctor's last comment ("Wow, he looks really different. He looks like a normal baby...I mean...not like he looked weird before or anything.") sounds like one that should be posted on the wall in Mikan's room.

Grandpa Kartje

Jo said...

I wonder who he inherited the hissy fit ability from?
The pictures and video are great. It makes me want to come see him in person again. Since you can hold him more, give him a hug from Aunt Jo!

Angela Saoud said...

Hooray for Mikan! Not going to lie, I read the headling quickly and I thought it said "Mikan's Farewell to CRAP," and I thought, "What does that mean?!"

Let me know when you're visitorless this weekend. I'd love to come hang out with you while Mikan cries. :)


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mikan!!!! We are so proud of you!

Love, Your First Grade Friends

Aunt Deb said...

Maybe the blog should read "baby on the mend" That is so wonderful!! I hope the eye exam goes well today. Maybe by the weekend the feeding tube will be gone. That happens pretty quickly after the vent and c-pap go. He is very cute.

anastasiaK said...

Whoooooo hooooooo!!!!! Hey, there, handsome! (Not you, John, MIKAN!)