Wednesday, May 14, 2008

38 Weeks Today

We had another status quo day. Mikan's blood gases this morning weren't good or bad enough to make any vent changes. The doctor says he is much more optimistic of the prospect of extubation Round 2. We find out for sure whether or not he will have laser surgery tomorrow evening. But it is looking like he probably will. After the surgery, his doctor wants to extubate him as soon as he is stable and the eye doctor has determined he won't need a follow up operation. This could be sometime this weekend or early next week. He also said he wants to start Mikan on feedings early because he is showing some good developmental signs of wanting to eat by mouth.

Some of the nurses are fighting over who gets to be taking care of Mikan when he is extubated. Everyone wants to be there to see it. He's a real flirt with the girls already.

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