Saturday, May 24, 2008

100th Post

Mikan is on C-Pap, pressure of 10 cm of H2O and 70% of oxygen. We feel relieved that he has made it through the past couple of days on the C-Pap. Currently, he is being fed every three hours. You could almost set a watch based on his fussiness when he should be fed. He is starting to be a little more calm with the C-Pap, although it is obviously an irritating device for all parties involved except his lungs.

Nurse Sally took real good care of him tonight while we went out to dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Gensic. She shampooed his hair under the sink for the first time. Have any of you had to bag your child while shampooing his/her hair? Apparently he liked the shampoo and once he settles down on C-Pap some more, we may be able to start up with the tub baths again.

Grandpa Gensic helped us start our truck, so now we are not completely stranded at the hospital. There appears to be a steering problem though, but we are making sure to wait until the Buick is fixed before we drop off the truck to get worked on. Someday we'll have a reliable car.

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