Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Mikan is now around 35% oxygen and a rate of 15 breaths per minute. The doctor wants to take him off the vent either tomorrow or thursday. He is currently weaning him off of his pressures. He had a few good blood gases, so his pressures have been reduced. We remain hopeful that everything will work out well although we know it is possibility he will need to be back on it. Mikan was also switched to 30 calorie breast milk. Lately Mikan has been gripping his tubes and trying to yank them out of his mouth. Hopefully this is a sign that he is ready to do some breathing on his own.

Tomorrow I am being interviewed about how much we appreciate the Ronald McDonald house. I'm not sure if it's for the news or a video. I feel like being in the NICU has made us celebrities. First a video, then a brochure, now the news. What's next? A movie deal? Does someone want to buy the rights to our story? Let us know if you do.

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Mary Ann said...

When you find out if it is the news or a documentary, please let us know. If it is the news, find out when they are airing it, what station it is, and I will record it for you.
(Sarah Bosworth) My student is standing here and wants to be able to see it too if it is on the news.
So glad to hear Mikan is improving each day.
Mary Ann